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Stamped Concrete

Using decorative or stamped concrete is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your property without spending a large amount of money. At Wrays Concrete we offer a wide variety of stamps for decorating concrete to fit your needs and aesthetic preferences, and we can assist you with the decision-making process to ensure that you end up with a unique look.

Different types of creations where we do our stamped concrete include: driveways, patios, walkways, stairs, sidewalks, pool decks, and it always will extremely improve the appearance, and, you'll likely gain a couple concrete admirers.

Reach out to us at Wray's Concrete Finishing today and tell us your idea for your next stamped concrete project.
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Concrete Stains

Concrete stains have come a long way from the earth tone colors they were previously limited to and are now available in many different color options. During the staining process, the color becomes a permanent part of the concrete allowing the flooring to be incredibly durable and beautiful. Because concrete stains do not chip, peel, or fade, they are an excellent choice for long lasting color. Stains can be added to patios, flooring, or concrete counter-tops and are sealed with your choice of a glossy glass-like finish to a matte finish. This allows you to choose a custom color and finish that is all your own.

Wrays Concrete in Summerfield NC is your first choice in stained concrete!

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Concrete Slabs

Adding a concrete slab is essential to any strong, long lasting foundation. A Concrete slab is what’s needed to allow the other important concrete walls, driveways or parking pads, and patios to emerge. Like any great, new property if there isn’t a solid foundation to build a house the rest of the house won’t benefit.

Whether you're looking to build a new house or warehouse, our trusted team of experts has been dealing with new slab work for years. The concrete slab process is one of the most important for building a long, lasting building for years to come.

Every concrete project is different. It becomes challenging to give an accurate estimate over the phone. Allow our estimator to come visit your site and he will give the most fair and affordable quote. Making the mistake of hiring the wrong concrete slab contractors can be very costly for years to come. 
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Some property sidewalks are too old or dated and need a good update. Or Adding a sidewalk to your property can be extremely beneficial and add tremendous value.  Most people need sidewalks for various different reasons.

Depending on the situation, the overall cost of sidewalks will vary depending on many factors and variables including: size of path, labor costs, supply costs, concrete cost, and necessary concrete equipment.

The experts at Wrays Concrete finishing uses the right tools and equipment essential to finishing the project.  Whether you need a new  design or would like to update a current lay out, we can work on any project.

Give us a call and an estimator will be able to accurately assess the situation and give the best advice. 
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If you choose resurfacing to upgrade the look of your concrete, you can save money, resources, and minimize the amount of waste produced. If you are considering ripping out your concrete application for something different, we would love to talk to you about the many resurfacing options available.

For the best resurfacing contractor in Summerfield NC, Wrays Concrete Finishing should be your first call!


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